Talia Plaskett


Talia Plaskett, BSc. 

Protected Crop Specialist

Talia’s role at Perennia provides support for protected crop production across the province. Although the majority of her professional experience is in greenhouse tomatoes, she is looking forward to expanding into all areas of protected production that exist in Nova Scotia. Originally from Southern Ontario, Talia is excited to bring her knowledge in greenhouse growing to assist production in Nova Scotia. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph in 2015, Talia spent the last four and a half years working at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Starting as an assistant in Plant Pathology, and working her way up to Senior Research Technician for the Vegetable Breeding Team, Talia has experience in many aspects of production. She actively identifies risks and implements biosecurity measures to mitigate risk while keeping the reality of production in mind. Reducing disease and pest pressure is the name of the game for a successful crop, and when done well will reduce labour cost and increase marketable yield.