Under the Covers follow up!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Due to room capacity restrictions, not everyone was able to join us at Under the Covers: Enhancing Profitability and Resiliency with Cover Crops, the workshop for farms of all types and sizes.  However, to help spread the good word, please find below the presentations and handouts from that educational day!

  1. David Blanchard - Why Cover Crops 
  2. David Blanchard - Meet the Cover Crops
  3. David Blanchard - Cover Crops at Pleasant Hill Farm
  4. David Blanchard - Cover Crop Economics
  5. Rosalie Madden - Mineralization of Cover Crops
  6. Dr. Nancy McLean - Alternative Cover Crops for Strawberry Rotations
  7. Additional cover crop resources
  8. Carolyn Marshall - Cover Crops Field Day Handout
  9. Jason Stuka - Aggregate Handout
Amy Sangster leading a discussion about novel cover crops and root morphology
Jason Stuka demonstrating soil structure and aggregate stability
Carolyn Marshall updating the group on recent research on green manures and no-till