Alliette re-evaluation

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Alliette (fosetyl-aluminum) has recently undergone re-evaluation by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.  Alliette is a systemic fungicide used manage a wide variety of diseases in various crops.  In vegetable production, it is used to control downy mildew in onions, lettuce, spinach, rutabaga, and many Brassicas, as well as white rust in spinach, purple blotch in onions, and damping-off in some greenhouse transplants.

There are a few new measures that have been proposed that may be relevant to Nova Scotia vegetable production.  Always follow the label.  Labels for all pesticides registered in Canada can be found here.

To protect workers entering treated sites, the following measures are proposed:
  • Increase REIs for Brassica leafy vegetables (currently 12 hours), onions (currently 12 hours), spinach (currently 12 hours), as well as apples, blackberries, highbush blueberries, red/black raspberries, grapes, and ornamental plants.
  • Establish a minimum 12-hour REI for other crops where appropriate.

To protect mixers, loaders and applicators, the following measures are proposed:
  • Prohibit the use of fogging equipment (handheld or automated) or handheld mistblowers.
  • Wear a chemical-resistant hat for airblast applications.
To read the full decision, please click here. There is a 90-day public consultation period if you wish to make your voice heard.