Getting into the Weeds: Dialling in Irrigation

Monday, March 1, 2021

 Perennia's winter webinar series, Getting into the Weeds: Dialling in Irrigation, continues on Monday, March 8th at 12 noon. The session with cover Fertigation - Integrating Nutrient with Irrigation Options. 


This session will cover the effect of using different irrigation systems and how that affects application rates and volumes. There will be discussion around timing for injection of the materials in pivot versus drip systems. We will also discuss the local difficulties with fertigation decisions, such as unpredictable weather, versus areas where fertigation is common and can be consistently planned for, such as California. We will cover the difference between soil solution and soil colloid and the concept of fertigation as a move toward outdoor hydroponics. We will discuss example materials that can be used to fertigate and how commodity macro and micronutrients can be injected into various systems. The importance of incorporating soil and tissue analysis when making fertilization recommendations will be highlighted, including some artificial intelligence methods developed to help with those interpretations.


Dr. Sebastian Margarit is the VP of Informatics and Agronomy at NutriAg and is the progenitor of NutriAnalytics. He is involved in developing the methods and goals for our field trials and is critical in program development worldwide. Sebastian has worked in the Ag industry for over a decade and has specialized in modelling soil and tissue data related to grower relevant yield and quality outcomes. He is currently developing modern artificial intelligence modelling methods to interpret the plant and soil ionome. He is a passionate apple farmer and is obsessed with exploring the role of secondary and micronutrients in improving yield and quality outcomes for farmers.

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If you've missed any of the previous sessions, or want to go back and re-watch anything, recordings can be found on Perennia's YouTube page.