Upping your nitrogen game through enhanced efficiency fertilizers and OFCAF support

Monday, October 24, 2022

Our previous blog post discussed the importance of optimizing your crops nitrogen (N) uptake by applying N as and when it’s needed by the crop, using brassica species as an example (Brassica nitrogen dynamics)

For this post, I wanted to highlight a fact sheet produced through Perennia’s On Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF) on enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers. These fertilizers are engineered to provide a controlled, slower, release of N that will more precisely meet the demands of your crop.

As a producer, this is an excellent time to trial enhanced efficiency fertilizers as OFCAF could help cover the difference in cost between regular and enhanced fertilizers. Find out more information here.

These enhanced fertilizers have different modes of action that stabilize and reduce N leeching and volatilization so it’s important to choose the right fertilizer based on your specific crop N demands as well as your farm field demands.

These fertilizers are one of many tools to help you dial in your fertility management. Reducing rates, switching from surface to subsurface application, or applying N closer to when maximum crop uptake occurs are some of the other tools that can, and should, be used as needed. Enhanced efficiency fertilizers will have the greatest effect where there is a higher risk of losses such as when surface applying fertilizer or applying in wet areas. Under these conditions they provide insurance against nitrogen losses... Protecting your fertilizer investment.

There’s a wealth information in the fact sheet so give it a read and reach out to your specialist if you want to chat more about N fertility! Also, make sure to apply for OFCAF funding before the deadline of Nov 30th.

Factsheet: https://ofcaf.perennia.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/19/2022/10/Enhanced-Efficiency-Nitrogen-Fertilizers.pdf

OFCAF homepage: https://ofcaf.perennia.ca/

Tim Morcom